1835 Royal Oaks Drive, Bradbury, California 91008, United States

Southern California's newest Lay Up Facility

About Us

About us...

Bradbury Equine is managed by lifelong horsewoman Donna Keen.  Donna has been working with thoroughbred racehorses for 3 decades and is dedicated to their wellbeing.  Horses receive care like they would at the track with safe pens and a feeding program tailored to their individual needs.


Bradbury Equine is equipped with three 24x24 pens, 15 12x12 pens and 3 large grassy paddocks.  We have big plans for further improvements to aid in racehorse recovery.

Rest, Rehabilitation, and Recovery

Getting your horse healthy, rested, and ready to return to the track is our goal.  We know how important this time is for our athletes and do everything we can to help them recovery quickly.


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Bradbury Equine Facility

1835 Royal Oaks Drive Bradbury, Ca 91008



6am-6pm     7 days a week